Darfur: Earth, Wind & Fire

Earth Report
S9:Ep1723 mins2005

Darfur, in Western Sudan, has been gripped by human tragedy. From 2003 to 2005, some 180,000 people have died. Every month saw another 15,000 perish. More than two million fled their homes. When this was filmed in 2005, this Sudanese province was still caught in a complex tangle of civil war and dwindling resources. The creeping desert has fanned the flames of conflict between nomads and farmers over land and water. When the dry season draws to a close it will be time for planting. Farmers come back to check the land they left behind, but they risk attacks from roving militias. Despite heavy restrictions on international media access, Earth Report filmed inside Sudan to investigate the environmental roots to Darfur's humanitarian crisis.

Video Language: English