Dark Knight of the Bat: Inside the True Nature of Man

Reality TV: Literary Geniuses
S1:Ep41 hr, 5 mins2007Guest: Philip Gardiner

For centuries man has feared the bat and its seeming ability to traverse between the worlds. The bat has inspired tales of terrible horror but also stories of great hope. The image and legacy of the bat throughout history may indeed be emblematic of man’s dark side. When Bob Kane and Bill Finger created Batman in 1939, they drew upon this historical inspiration.

The stories of Batman are more than just the incredible success of a superhero, but also a unique insight into the dark nature of mankind. In this documentary, we explore the rise of the Batman era, from the very beginnings to the modern age. In doing so, we come understand how this creation has taken on a life of its own and influenced countless people across the generations.

Featuring: Philip Gardiner
Video Language: English