Deborah Lippmann – Manicurist and Cosmetics

Women on Top
S1:Ep921 mins2006

Deborah Lippmann works with the biggest names in Hollywood, fashion, and music creating trend-setting looks that have swept the globe. Deborah is manicurist to the stars and leading nail aficionado. Deborah’s passion for manicures came after her first manicure as a young woman. This life-changing moment eventually landed Deborah in cosmetology school as a back-up career that would pay the bills.

In 1999, with the inspiration and support of loyal clients and supporters, Deborah launched her very own line of signature nail lacquer and treatment products called: The Lippmann Collection. Now, her stylish nails grace the covers of magazines, strut down fashion runways, and stroll down the red carpet. Deborah’s creative energy, passionate spirit, and love of beauty have made her wealthy, successful and able to live a life beyond her wildest dreams.

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