Diary of a Vampire

Reality TV: Literary Geniuses
S1:Ep21 hr, 5 mins2008Guest: Michaela Warrilow

The pervasive image of the vampire has lurked in the shadows of countless generations. Its enigma has captured the imaginations of the mass populace, as well as intriguing seekers of deeper mysteries. Yet, all mythologies have their origin and the novel, Dracula, suggests such an origin to the mystery of the vampire.

We investigate the life and associations of Bram Stoker to find clues to the real truth behind the tale of Dracula. We descend into the mysteries of Stoker, and enter the dark world of the vampire, its past, present and future. What is it that delves deep in the mind of mankind that could give rise to such an enigmatic, charismatic, yet malevolent creature?

Featuring: Michaela Warrilow
Video Language: English