Dinner with Fred

201124 mins

"Did you ever hear the story of how the chickens saved my life?" This visually lush, ambitious and sweepingly hopeful short film is inspired by the extraordinary true story of a brilliant young poultry scientist in WWII Canada.

At the cusp of the Invasion of Normandy, devoted artillery lieutenant Fred Conrad's train comes to a screeching halt when he is ripped from the sides of his brothers and sent home to lead the Canadian push to cope with a massive wartime food shortage.

Though devastated at first, Fred, with the help of his loving but no-nonsense wife Hilda, turns a misfortunate change-of-plans into a career in humane poultry science that proves to hold meaning and purpose beyond his wildest dreams. Dinner with Fred is a captivating tale of what it means to serve one's country, even in unexpected ways.