Do Elephants Ever Forget?

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep1224 mins2002

Graham and Rolf were just about to go home last night when they got a call a distress call. A muntjac – from the zoo’s smallest deer species – was in labor, and stuck. With a little intervention from the vets, a tiny fawn was born. Now it’s time to check in and make sure mum is adapting to her new role.

The zoo’s newest baby camel has been a handful from the start: nipping arms and legs, playfully wrestling and occasionally galloping with keeper Karen in tow. Now, his biggest test: a solo walk round the zoo. How will he react to the distractions of visitors and the noise of nearby traffic once he’s out of sight of his mother?

They’ve been trying something new in the elephant house: team training, focused on very specific behaviors. The goal is to ensure that every elephant will perform any task for any keeper. But it’s easier than it sounds, especially when training sessions are put to the test.

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