A Doctor Talks to the Animals

Zoo Diaries
S3:Ep624 mins2002

Josephine is ready to be re-introduced to the gorillas after having her baby. The problem for keeper Heidi, is to get Samantha, the dominant female to accept her. Today they will be put together in the same holding. At first they ignore each other, but soon Sam shows hostility and attacks Josephine. After a few fights Heidi separates the two combatants.

Today, Dr. Kay Mehren, the head vet at the zoo, has to visit three of the oldest animals. Damian the jaguar, Charles the gorilla, and Abby the orangutan. They all have minor health problems that are nothing more than the symptoms of old age. While visiting the animals Kay looks back on her 27 years at the zoo and how she says her job has changed from predominantly pediatric medicine to mainly geriatric treatment for the animals.

Winnie is a young seal that has to be trained to go into a crate for transporting. Keepers Barb and Vickie have no trouble getting Winnie into the box. But when Winnie sees the door she bolts for safety. So they succeed in getting her in but can’t keep her in the crate because she is afraid of the door.

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