Dreaming Heaven invites us to join an intimate group of men and women as they embark on a magical journey in search of life’s great secret of secrets. Their journey takes us through the plazas, temples and pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico – home of the mysterious Toltec wisdom tradition that lives on in this sacred site, known since ancient times as “the place where one awakens to God.”

Dreaming Heaven reveals, for the first time on film, this many-thousand year old path to illumination. Guided by three modern day Toltecs, we take a five day journey with 18 companions – towards a rediscovery of the “true self” that exists beneath the stories, masks, and dramas of their lives. And, we bear witness as they shed layers of mistaken identity, fearful beliefs, and limitations – to finally stand, in triumphant awareness, at the top of the great Pyramid of the Sun.

Toltec Wisdom teaches that our lives can be a dream of heaven on earth – a dream filled with an abundance of peace, happiness, grace and love. In Dreaming Heaven, we learn that this life is open to anyone who is willing to take the first step. Toltec spirit guide Lee McCormick describes the ways we can use our capacity to decide for ourselves how we will respond to the experiences of our lives. “We can take the awesome power we already have – the power to dream an entire reality – and choose to dream a life of Heaven on Earth.”

Featuring: Lee McCormick, Gini Gentry, Frank Hayhurst