Echoes of the Soul (Echo Bodine)

Book Tours with Corinne Edwards
S1:Ep2324 mins1999Guest: Echo Bodine

Echo Bodine was an overly sensitive young woman. Or so she thought, until at age 17, in a reading, she was told of the true nature of her psychic gifts: clairvoyance (sight), clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentience (sensing). Initially wary of what it would mean to accept and use these gifts, Echo has since become one of our most popular psychics and healers.

While working in the garden one day, she asked God for more knowledge of “the other side,” a bigger picture than what she knew to be able to share with others. She then forgot about her request. A few days later, in her first out-of-body experience, she found herself leaving her physical body and traveling through the tunnel and into the light where her guide came and gave her a tour of what she can only call Heaven.

Listening to this and many more of her incredible experiences, you may never look at death or the afterlife in the same way again. Join Corinne Edwards interviewing Echo Bodine in Book Tours as we explore psychic abilities and out-of-body experiences.

Instructor/Host: Corinne Edwards
Featuring: Echo Bodine
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