S1:Ep1225 mins2001Guest: Dean McCoubrey

Edinburgh, Scotland is a land of mists, mountains and mystery. From crystal healing to a castle built on an extinct volcano, Edinburgh is a vibrant mix of the medieval and the modern that has been developing since 800 BC. Its local population of 430,000 is regularly swelled by large numbers of tourists who come for the many famous festivals. Like any cosmopolitan city, Edinburgh has a full array of restaurants that serve the needs of its diverse cultures.

Edinburgh is a city that represents passionate history and culture. One of Scotland’s most distinctive symbols is Edinburgh Castle. Built on the core of an extinct volcano known as Castle Rock, it has stunning views of the city and the surrounding countryside. Twenty minutes drive from the centre of Edinburgh is the gracious Dalhousie Castle, which dates from the 13th century. Following the leylines you get to one of the more fascinating historic buildings of all, the enigmatic Rosslyn Chapel. It is famous for the beauty of its carvings and the aura of mystery and magic that surrounds it. Scottish legacy, mixed with a vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere, makes Edinburgh a most exciting stop on your journey.

Featuring: Dean McCoubrey
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