Effort without Strain

Ashleigh Sergeant
HathaModerate-21 hr, 24 mins

Encounter your edges with grace and ease, not with strain and force, in this progressive, 90-minute class for intermediate students. With attention to specific alignment, we will systematically open the spine, creating space to enter into backbends that build up to full dancer pose (natarajasana).

We’ll begin on the floor, teasing open the lower back, sacrum, and side body with twists. Then, we’ll move into prop-supported lunges, standing poses, and folds to stimulate the lengthening of the spine and the opening of the chest and shoulders in preparation for deep backbends.

Feel the body flood with prana as we practice a sequence of full dancer variations before entering into the full standing expression of the pose. After generating intensity, we’ll wind down the practice with seated hip twists that unravel the spine. Bathe in a luxurious, 20-minute savasana before closing our practice with a short grounding meditation.

Props: A blanket (or towel), bolster, strap, block, and a chair (optional)