Eka Pada Koundinyasana II

S1:Ep3TutorialsAll Levels-1, 241 mins

The third part of this series is the love-child part of the story... Andrea Marcum demonstrates, with the help of Omar Lopez, how chaturanga and up-dog are getting along really well now. We can see that the space we are creating is creative space as we build upon our vinyasa foundation. We assemble component parts for our peak pose and circumnavigate our ego and fear, ascending towards eka pada koundinyasana 2. Then it is time to lower our sails for Andrea to take us through some grounded seated poses and a well-earned savasana.

Contraindications: wrist, elbow, shoulder or low back injuries

Props: 2 blocks

Instructor/Host: Andrea Marcum
Video Language: English