An Elephant Finds Her Inner Artist

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep2824 mins2002

It’s time for the zoo’s newest bison bachelor to go on a first date – and a second. If all goes well, Slim will end up breeding with two of the zoo’s bison cows – providing a crucial new bloodline. But Slim comes by his name honestly. Both girls are bigger than he is. And there’s a good chance he’ll be roughed up before he gets a chance to work his magic.

Ali has moved on from most of the behaviors that will allow the keepers and vets to examine Jabba the mandrill. Now, she’s trying to teach him to share his food. To do that, he’ll have to stay still in one place, while the other mandrills are fed. But it’s a tall order. Jabba’s the dominant male and he’s used to getting everything he wants.

Elephant paintings have been sold all over the world for prices well into the thousands of dollars. They’re a useful source of zoo fund-raising. Even more important is the way they engage elephants such as Stephanie, who’s been feeling a little left out lately.

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