The Whole Story
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Elephants are not only the largest land mammals on Earth. They are also among the most endearing: an irresistible mix of intelligence, dexterity and shear power. With stunning visuals, the latest scientific research and rare elephant behavior, we tell The Whole Story on Africa’s great grey giants.

Comprising more than 100,000 individual muscles, the elephant’s trunk is the world’s most versatile nose. At various times it functions as hand, weapon, drinking straw, vacuum cleaner, snorkel and eating utensil. Combine this with a pair of tusks which are, in fact, the world’s longest teeth and the elephant presents an extremely formidable face.

Wherever they find themselves, elephants are fiercely familial. They travel in herds and keep in touch with each other using 30 different long-distance, low-frequency calls. This way, group members can call home from over 8 kilometers away!

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