With Elvis and Mark Twain

Along the Mississippi
S1:Ep343 mins2010

Memphis is the largest town along this great river and also the home to Elvis’ Graceland. Sun Record Studios is still the worldwide mecca for recording artists, who consider it the birthplace of Rock and Roll. In May, the city opens its banks to the BBQ World Championship. Over 3 days, 250 teams battle it out for the coveted gold medal. The hungry visitors relax and watch the spectacle as the city kicks back for a well-fed party.

As we reach the end of our journey, we visit The Hurley, the ship that ensures unhindered passage for the muddy rivers’ trade flow, functioning as an enormous vacuum cleaner for the ever-increasing sandbanks. We learn how the river was used as a supply route hundreds of years before the white man reached it and made use of its waterways. Finally we reach Hannibal, the birthplace of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, who became better known as the author Mark Twain.

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