Emma Lake with Degen Lindner

Landscape as Muse
S1:Ep2124 mins2007

We join painter Degan Lindner at her cabin at Emma Lake. Painting is something she has done her whole life, as both of her parents were painters. We view several pieces of her work as she explains how she started with drawing and ended up with painting. She feels that nature teaches artists to work with all the elements of art, from color and form to composition.

She shares her personal philosophy for creating her artworks. It is more of a learning experience, playing with the colors and uncovering what we are as an individual. Emma Lake has been the site of artists’ workshops since the 1950s. The workshops have had the most impact on her art. Inspired by the workshops, she started teaching, and notes that communication with the students has been a strong motivator to get her back into the studio and creating.

Video Language: English