Empaths and Extraterrestrials with Clifford Stone

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock
S5:Ep1342 minsAugust 2016Guest: Corey Goode, Clifford Stone

Clifford Stone is perhaps one of the most intense witness in the disclosure process currently unfolding before us. He relays incidents from his years of service with the U.S. Army where he served as an empath charged with making contact with extraterrestrial beings. It began in early childhood with an interest in UFOs and telepathic contact with otherworldly beings and grew as members of the military got wind of his abilities. This is only the beginning of his testimony, and already we can see how Clifford’s involvement shaped the early days of the SSP and what would become Corey Goode’s own experiences as an intuitive empath. This discussion with David Wilcock was originally webcast August 9, 2016.

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Instructor/Host: David Wilcock
Featuring: Corey Goode, Clifford Stone
Video Language: English