Al and Sandra McLellan wanted a comfortable, energy efficient home with good air quality. What they got was an award-winning EnviroHome – a home that exceeds R-2000 standards, built with materials that are healthy and construction methods that send little waste to the landfill.

Baby, it’s cold inside! Cathy and Peter bought this graceful old heritage home for its beauty. But the heating bills are putting a serious dent in their budget. Enter…Steve McKeddie, EnerGuide consultant, who offers some practical solutions to reduce costs and make the home more comfortable.

Tired of heating the great outdoors when all you really want is a warm home? A simple technique can help you detect air leaks. Then, with some basic materials and a few hours of time, learn how you can make a big difference in the amount of air leaking from your home.

Although energy-efficient appliances may cost more initially, that extra cost can often be made up by the additional savings on your energy bill. We’ll take a look at the common household appliances to see where the bargains are – both for your pocketbook and for the environment.

How much energy is used to keep your house comfortable when no one is home or when everyone’s asleep? Programmable thermostats are inexpensive, easy to install and an excellent way to reduce your energy bill.

Instructor/Host: Tamara Stanners
Video Language: English