Erin Adams – New Mexico Tile Designer

Women on Top
S1:Ep2021 mins2007

Award-winning artisan and designer Erin Adams works with glass tile creating spectacular custom mosaics and patterns with folk-art elements that influenced her as a child. Her one-of-a-kind couture designs have been commissioned by celebrities and have been sought after by designers and commercial venues worldwide. As a reluctant artist, life certainly had its twists and turns as she came to find her success.

Erin was raised in San Antonio, Texas, by an eccentric cattleman father and a folk artist mother. Her father's true love of alcohol and partying cost him his land, his marriage and his family. Determined not to be an artist, believing an artistic lifestyle was her family's determent, Erin pursued a career in psychology. Her artist pedigree caught up with her and she was drawn back to her passion for art. Sick of her designs being copied by others, she started her own tile design business, which is now a multimillion dollar company.

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