Exploring the Da Vinci Code: Henry Lincoln's Guide to Rennes-le-Château

20062 hrs, 2 mins

Intrigue, inspired by Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, draws thousands of visitors to the village of Rennes-le-Château each year. They come in search of the mystery surrounding the priest Bérenger Saunière. Is this really the location of the Holy Grail, and is there some secret hiding here that could bring down the Catholic Church?

Now you, too, can discover the wealth of fascinating detail hidden in this mystical village and the "treasures" of the surrounding countryside, in the company of the man who started it all, Henry Lincoln. Henry guides you through all his favorite places, including Carcassonne and Montségur, and introduces the "eighth wonder of the world," the Rennes-le-Château Pentacle of Mountains and the incredible geometrical landscape of this remote part of southwestern France.