Faces in the Land with Dempsey Bob

Landscape as Muse
S1:Ep3024 mins2008

Dempsey Bob is a Tahltan-Tlingit artist in the Skeena River area of British Columbia. We join him in a little rainforest to be inspired by the nature of the mountains and trees. He tells us of his youth and his history as an artist while we see examples of his carvings and sculptures. Many of his works are prominently displayed in museums, the airport and other public areas. In fact, we join him as he works on a piece in the airport while he tells us the folklore that inspired the work.

To Dempsey, the land is magical and spiritual. His people have always been close to nature, learning from the land and the animals. Together, we explore the forest looking for the best piece of wood to be carved and sculpted. Viewing more of his work, and watching him work, he explains his philosophy as an artist, his motivations, and what make his work uniquely his own.

Video Language: English