Faces of St Lucia and the Grenadines

Faces of Exotic Lands
S1:Ep449 mins1998Guest: Peter Hercombe

St Lucia and the archipelago of Grenadines are favourite destinations for travellers in search of nature, discovery and unspoilt originality. St Lucia has many attractions: the nature, with long beaches of white or black sand, volcanic mountains and luxuriant forest. The Grenadines is the most Polynesian-like archipelago of all the Caribbean islands. This necklace of islands, surrounded by lagoons, has an extraordinary submarine wildlife.

Onboard a tourist boat, we circumnavigate St Lucia visiting the marketplaces, learning of the economy, and dancing by night. There is much to see and do. Perhaps the best way to introduce someon to St Lucia is to go into the wilds to traverse the landscape on foot and get a feel of the soul of the island. Soon we head south along the archipelago. Along the way we gain the locals’ views on ecology and conservation of the natural beauty of the islands.

Featuring: Peter Hercombe
Video Language: English