Facing Cheetahs – Namibia

Wild Orphans with Olivia Mokiejewski
S1:Ep252 mins2011

The cheetah, prince of the savannah, is without a doubt the most lovable of all the big cats. Known for his legendary speed, it is nonetheless vulnerable and in danger of extinction. In Namibia, one of the cheetah’s last havens, farmers have taken over its habitat and deemed the cheetahs a nuisance.

Olivia Mokiejewski joins Marlice Van Vuuren and her husband Rudy at N/a’an ku sê, a center that gives shelter to numerous wild orphans. Upon her arrival, Olivia helps rescue two young cheetahs caught in traps on a farmer’s land.

For the rescue team, this type of intervention has practically become routine; they must recuperate the felines so as to release them on a protected site far from breeding farms. Unfortunately, virgin territories vast enough for the cheetah’s survival have become extremely rare. Can humans and cheetahs learn to live together again ?

Instructor/Host: Olivia Mokiejewski
Video Language: English