The Fate of the Oceans – Part 1: Plundering the Oceans

Earth Report
S10:Ep223 mins2005

Earth Report travels to more than a dozen locations to report on the state of global fisheries. The first installment delivers a story that should ring alarm bells throughout the world. Almost without exception, our fishing grounds are being recklessly exploited. Indian fishermen use nets with mesh so fine that even seawater only trickles out, and in the Mediterranean it may already be too late for the tuna. The catch is trailing off in most of the world's fishing grounds. If that were not bad enough, coastal fishing areas are under assault from land-based sources of pollution. This self-destructive approach is exemplified by a story from Bali, where new hotels were made from local coral. When the coral went, so did the fish. When the tourists went snorkeling there were no fish to see.

Video Language: English