The Fate of the Oceans – Part 2: Protecting the Oceans

Earth Report
S10:Ep323 mins2006

In this second and concluding part of Fate of the Oceans, Earth Report goes in search of sustainable fishing practices. They are outnumbered hugely by unsustainable methods, but some can be found. In the Canary Islands, fishermen use rod and line for a valuable species and only take fully mature fish. In Oman the authorities will only allow fishermen to use one kind of boat and net, and they monitor catches strictly. In one small village in Cornwall in the U.K. a 70-year-old injunction that only sail power can be used has prevented the over-exploitation of fish and oyster beds. Earth Report interviews leading decision-makers and finds awareness that drastic action must be taken to protect wild stocks and ecosystems. But we find that almost nowhere are measures being taken that are equal to the crisis.

Video Language: English