What is it like to be in continuous communion with God? Father Thomas Keating invites each of us to begin our own essential conversation with faith. A lecturer, author, and deeply spiritual elder, Father Thomas engages Chantal Westerman in a powerfully authentic conversation about prayer, humility, meditation, and the gift of faith.

For more than half a century, this Trappist monk has followed a path of humility, service, and contemplative prayer in a life devoted to understanding and communing with God. At the sacred pastoral setting of St. Benedict’s monastery in Snowmass, Colorado, he lives for the most part in communal silence with the monks, cultivating the inner and outer silence that allows one to develop an intimate relationship with God.

By example, Father Keating's deep realization awakens us to listen to the spiritual relationship already present in our unique lives and to extend our compassion to the world. Enjoy this chance to meet one of the most well respected and remarkable of spiritual explorers.

Instructor/Host: Chantal Westerman
Featuring: Father Thomas Keating
Video Language: English