Fernando and the Two Bears

Zoo Diaries
S2:Ep1024 mins2002

Mittens the spider monkey has been brought to the spider monkey holding area so that the other spider monkeys might get used to him. This is in preparation for introduction back into the family. Kim, the keeper, is worried Mittens might be attacked by Wally the dominant male, possibly killed. Today’s the big day. Mittens is introduced. First in the holding area. Then in the exhibit.

A pair of rare European cranes that were bred in the zoo are being caught so they can be shipped to the zoo in Peterborough, Ontario. The young cranes are a zoo success story. First because they were bred here, but also because they look like they too want to breed. In fact the female has laid an egg that she is protecting making it difficult for Ollie to catch them up. She doesn’t realize the egg is infertile.

Young Fernando was the winner of the “name the baby polar bears contest.” Today he comes to the zoo to pick up his prizes, meet the baby polar bears and to be interviewed by the media.

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