S1:Ep426 mins2001Guest: Dean McCoubrey

We have come to Morocco in North Africa, to explore the ancient city of Fez. Established in the 9th Century AD, Fez is the oldest of the country’s imperial cities and a modern-day centre of religious, cultural and intellectual importance. With its beautifully restored Moorish architecture, traditional stonework and mosaics, Fex Hadara, provides an ideal setting to absorb the vast history of this ancient city.

Wherever you go, you will find herbalists and apothecaries dispensing natural herbs and traditional remedies that have been passed from generation to generation. Fez offers the full array of Arab and Islamic culinary attractions, as well as delicious snacks are available at any time of the day. A short drive out of town takes you to the Merinid Necropolis. These tombs mark the final resting place of the Merinid rulers who were largely responsible for the cultural and religious advancement of Fez. Whether you are just passing through or fortunate enough to stay for a while, Fez touches your soul with her timeless mysticism and beauty.

Featuring: Dean McCoubrey
Video Language: English