Find Your Wings, Balance in Space

Ryan Leier
WorkshopsAdvanced-31 hr, 34 mins

In this workshop, Ryan Leier breaks down inverted postures and arm balances, teaching how to practice safely and confidently through the use of preparatory poses, props, modifications and proper alignment. Using these techniques to bring lightness, strength, balance and openness, Ryan guides students to connect with their center and find balance. Fly High! Inverted postures and arm balances are possibly the most beneficial, magical, yet intimidating of the asanas. Krishnamacharya said, "It's not that the person needs to accommodate themselves to yoga, but rather the yoga practice must be tailored to fit each person." The goal of this session is to find the right inversions and arm balances for each one of you. Contraindications: This is an advanced class. Anyone who is pregnant, menstruating, has high blood pressure, has eye issues, or any spinal injuries should not do inversions. You will need a partner for this class, or you can use the wall.