Finding Happiness

1 hr, 36 mins2013
Featuring: Elizabeth Rohm, Swami Kriyananda, John M. Jackson, Paramhansa Yogananda, David Eby

Fictional journalist Juliet Palmer, (Elisabeth Rohm, Law and Order, Heroes, American Hustle), an investigative reporter specializing in stories that expose corruption, receives an unusual (and unwanted) assignment from her boss at Profiles magazine: she’ll visit a spiritual community in northern California that has developed alternative solutions to the world’s problems for nearly half a century. While at Ananda World Brotherhood Village, she’ll interview its visionary founder.

With a fair portion of skepticism and a dash of curiosity, Juliet embarks on a professional and personal journey that will open her eyes and change her life.

Her first contact is with the community’s music director, David Eby, who is assigned as her guide. He picks her up at the Sacramento airport and as Juliet quizzes him about his life before moving to the community, she discovers an intelligent and sensitive soul. Although still skeptical, she arrives at the Ananda Village with a more open mind.

All of the people who Juliet meets are real people, playing themselves, and with unscripted interviews. Her first encounter is with the community’s founder, Swami Kriyananda, who started the first Ananda community in 1969. Prepared to discover inconsistencies between the community’s philosophy of simplicity and high-mindedness, Juliet is disarmed by Kriyananda’s genuine interest in her and their spontaneous conversation. He encourages her to meet whomever she wishes and to come back at the end of her visit to report what she has seen and to ask further questions.