Fire Burn Babylon

201053 mins

When a volcanic eruption devastates the Caribbean island of Montserrat three Rastafarian friends leave their rural retreat and re-settle in London. Filmed over three years, Sarita Taggart followed Lyndon, I-Shaka and Elroy as they reinvent themselves as rude-boy rappers and small-time hustlers on the East End nightclub circuit – and she got much more involved than she could have ever imagined.

The men’s lives and beliefs transform as they rediscover new ways of living in the city that they believe represents their spiritual nemesis, “Babylon.” As we follow their private lives, developing music and art careers in London, we wonder if they will fall for the thrills of Babylon or recommit to their Rastafarian ideals. The film is a strong exploration of the Rastafarian community, which mirrors problems of any displaced society.

Fire Burn Babylon Awards:

Audience Award Freestyle Life Film Festival 2012

Special mention Aruba International Film Festival 2011

Bronze Palm award, Mexico International Film Festival 2010

Honorable mention COMMFFEST MADA AWARDS, Toronto.

nominated for Best Music, Jamaica Reggae Film Festival 2012