The FIRM Classic: Lower Body Sculpting

31 mins

Go for the burn with these old-school workouts featuring The FIRM Classic collection.

Lower Body Sculpting is a good choice for beginners. Performed while lying down, this boredom-busting routine targets the inner and outer thigh, hamstrings, and the glutes. Variety brings motivation-and results. These highly "specific" floor exercises deliver great results (via "muscle confusion") and add beautiful "detailing" when used alone. Fabulous floor exercises for all fitness levels! Tone those thighs today!

You'll workout with FIRM leaders Susan Harris (Body Sculpting Basics), Janet Jones-Gretzky (Low Impact Aerobics), Sandahl Bergman (Aerobic Interval Training), LaReine Chabut (Abs, Hips, & Thighs Sculpting) and Jayne Poteet (Complete Aerobic Weight Training).