The FIRM Classic: Not So Tough Aerobics

43 mins

Get out your leotards and go for the burn with The FIRM Classic collection.

Fun, Fat-burning aerobic combinations with host Karen Taylor. A fun mix of tested, proven routines from the acclaimed FIRM total-body volumes. You'll work out with all six FIRM leaders-Susan Harris (Body Sculpting Basics), Janet Jones-Gretzky (Low Impact Aerobics), Sandahl Bergman (Aerobic Interval Training), Kai Soremekun (Time Crunch Workout), LaReine Chabut (Abs, Hips, & Thighs Sculpting) and Jayne Poteet (Complete Aerobic Weight Training). Choose dumbbell size and step height to match your fitness level.

Not-So-Tough Aerobic Mix is a good choice for beginners. When you're ready for more intensity, move up to FIRM Parts "Tough Aerobic Mix".