Fitness, Meditation, Eyeball Jewelry

Body & Soul
S1:Ep1024 mins2004Guest: Kerrie-Anne Baker

Seed banks preserve seeds of plants that might otherwise go extinct, so future generations can benefit from the wonderful healing and nutritive power of plants. Take some time out for the ancient art of meditation. Arthritis affects millions of people, so ways to remediate its symptoms are a high priority. A new dental device is set to have fast eaters sit down to a leisurely lunch. A tracking device helps authorities keep drugs off the black market. There has been a great leap forward in the capabilities of prosthetic knees and other limbs. Fancy footwork and plenty of running make soccer an ideal sport to improve fitness in youngsters – boys and girls alike. In a part of eastern India, ant jam is the remedy for digestive problems. For that special sparkle, some women in the Netherlands are choosing to have jewelry surgically inserted into their eyeballs.

Featuring: Kerrie-Anne Baker
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