Flight, Happiness, History

S1:Ep2325 mins2008

Russia’s biennial aviation and space show offers a look at cutting-edge technology in aircraft development. Tokyo's express railway company introduced a "smile cam" for its personnel, with the aim of improving communication skills. A scanning device is able to detect how broadly staff members smile at any given time, so that they can see how they appear to the public. A new study suggests that urban noise is more than just an annoyance, but a health hazard. To help protect olive crops, researchers are testing a wired network of sensors to detect olive fruit flies. And tucked away in a mansion on the Isle of Wight is an extensive collection, charting the very beginnings of the electronic age. One of proprietor Rod Berman's prize possessions is a Fleming Diode, a precursor to the modern radio transmitter, used in the 1880s.

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