Food Allergies, Takeout Utensils, Fitness

Body & Soul
S1:Ep424 mins2004Guest: Kerrie-Anne Baker

Trance, ritual, and pilgrimage are significant elements in a highly successful rehabilitation program for drug addicts and alcoholics. In the battle against cancer, music and film stars lend their support. Overweight children in Japan go to summer camp to gain fitness and shed pounds. Sesame seeds have a surprisingly high allergy rate, but now scientists in the Middle East have discovered that high frequency sound waves can neutralize allergens in food. A chemical in red wine, from the grape seeds, helps prevent the constriction of blood vessels. A German entrepreneur is making “take apart” sunglasses that can turn the lens into a spoon. We consider vitamin water. To reduce aneurysms, scientists have created a kind of scaffolding for blood vessels. A healthy food mixture fights salmonella in South Korea. “Smart” sneakers that adjust to the runner’s gait can help reduce running injuries. And the world pole climbing championships bring fitness to new heights.

Featuring: Kerrie-Anne Baker
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