Forest with Sally Milne

Landscape as Muse
S1:Ep724 mins2005

We are headed into the birch forest with Sally Milne who is a birch bark biter. Birch biting is an art form that is exclusive to the native peoples of Northern Canada. The birch tree has always held a special place for Sally, and when she started practicing the traditional ways, she discovered the birch was her medicine.

We join her as she wanders through the forest gathering just the right kind of bark to use in her works. She explains the origin of birch biting and its importance to the people. From gathering from the tree and the peeling of layers, every step is intricate and teaches the importance of patience. To ensure her tradition lives on, she passes on her techniques to new generations by teaching in the schools and letting the children learn first-hand the gathering and biting processes.

Video Language: English