Four Chambers

40 mins2013

Disillusioned with his life in the rat race, Imanuel Goncalves began a journey to find something better. We live on a troubled planet; there’s so much anger, anxiety, fear and confusion. But it can also be a beautiful world – a world alive with possibility and purpose, if only we can learn to unlock it.

In his travels, Emanuel met many people and began to realize that the measure of a successful life wasn’t about money and material wealth. Rather, that those who would make the most of this world shared four key qualities – four attributes that we each have within us, but that we sometimes don’t use to their fullest: compassion, courage, vision, wonder.

What we carry in our hearts defines us. And the more we are able to use these four qualities in our own daily lives, the more we are able to shape a better world around ourselves.