The Four Horsemen

Geldof in Africa
S1:Ep429 mins2005Guest: Bob Geldof

In this challenging episode, Bob Geldof faces the ongoing atrocities plaguing Sudan, Uganda and Kenya. He clearly expresses his disgust with the atrocities of the terror, fear, torture and slavery ravaging the people. Unspeakable atrocities are spoken of, not just with words, but on the faces of the children that witnessed them personally. Africa continues to be a place presented as a land filled with extremes such as people starving from near a continuous famine and drought to healthy educated people scrambling about a bustling super market filled with modern conveniences. Geldof expresses his concerns with Non Government Organizations .While bearing good intentions the NGOs may be creating, and perpetuating more problems for the African people. There are no easy answers, and this episode offers none. It is merely a meager telling of the terrors many Africans face on a daily basis.

Watch with caution due to the strong nature of the material presented in this episode.

Featuring: Bob Geldof