The Frozen Seas

The Ocean Mosaic
S1:Ep452 mins1999Guest: John Stoneman

The Arctic is a frozen sea surrounded by rocky islands. The Antarctic is a rocky land mass surrounded by a frozen sea. During their respective winters, each pole is shrouded in darkness for 24 hours a day. Can life exist in such unforgiving climates? Indeed it can, and it does. In the frigid Arctic, lumbering polar bears, playful seals, the massive muskox and the old gentleman of the sea, the walrus, live in profusion. The Antarctic possesses even fewer land-based species. There, the main land vertebrates are all birds, the most famous being the penguin. Antarctica is so far away from other land that nothing can get here unless it arrives by water or air. The great predator in the south is the leopard seal, a swift and deadly aquatic foe of the penguin. Director and renowned naturalist film maker John Stoneman visits both of the world’s polar regions to re-acquaint us with both the hostility of these environments, and also their beauty.

Featuring: John Stoneman
Video Language: English