The Future Is Now!

1 hr, 32 mins2011
Featuring: Paul Ahmarani, Liane Balaban, Shigeru Ban, Christian Bök, Alain de Botton, Marlene Dumas, Francis Dupuis-Déri, Rivka Galchen, Richard Dawkins, Craig Venter, Jean-Paul Sartre

While conducting random street interviews about people's greatest fears, a journalist (Liane Balaban) meets a man (Paul Ahmarani) with an unusual world view. He has no fears. He's a smart, recycling, responsible citizen, but he's disengaged from greater society. He believes once he's dead nothing more matters!

Can "The Man Of Today" be pulled out of his resignation and begin to consider a world of hope and possibilities by "The Woman Of Tomorrow"? As an experiment, this well-connected journalist sends him on a journey of enlightenment to prove the future does matter. Will she succeed? Will it matter? What can one person do?