The Future of Reading

Empire of the Word with Alberto Manguel
S1:Ep452 mins2009

What is the future of reading? Predictions are always a risky venture. Thirty years ago, pundits worried that a generation raised on television would never bother to sit down with a book. Today, books are thriving, providing plots to movies and television series. But are books all that relevant anymore? In this episode, we see that as the 21st century unfolds, a revolution in how we read and what we read is underway. Electronic reading is pushing print media and the book into the background. We gather our information in snippets. Some foresee a complete loss of the universal expectation to read by the end of this century. In our rush to embrace electronic reading, are we forgetting how perfect old technologies like the book really are? We will meet the characters, both past and present (and even future), who will take us on a journey through the story of reading technology.

Instructor/Host: Alberto Manguel
Video Language: English