Future Studies – David Passig

Life Changing Encounters with Iris Hod
S1:Ep1128 mins2011Guest: David Passig, Moshe Dror

We find looking ahead to the future to be irresistible, yet many of our methods – tea leaves, crystal balls, astrology – have proven very hit-or-miss. And today, with the pace of change seeming to accelerate in almost every aspect of life, it feels more and more urgent that we develop a sense of our direction. How will the great leaps in technology affect basic human values? For David Passig, who has earned his doctorate in Future Studies, studying the past and the present is the basis for predicting the future. Will we look at this scientific way of examining the future as a new type of prophecy?

Instructor/Host: Iris Hod
Featuring: David Passig, Moshe Dror
Video Language: English