Gardening Book, Pot-Scaping and Vegetable Gardening

Guerilla Gardener in Canada with Grahame Beakhust
S1:Ep224 mins1995Guest: Marilyn Wood, Mar Pitstra, Marjorie Mason Hogue

Grahame talks with amateur gardener Marilyn Wood, one of the Calgary Horticulture Society authors who wrote a best-selling gardening book.

Next, Marjorie Mason Hogue of Mason Hogue Garden shows Grahame that there's always room for pot-scaping.

Then, Grahame visits Mar Pitstra and her award winning organic vegetable garden. Mar shows him that a short growing season does not mean you can't have an amazing variety of plants.

Instructor/Host: Grahame Beakhust
Featuring: Marilyn Wood, Mar Pitstra, Marjorie Mason Hogue
Video Language: English