An overgrown ravine at the edge of Maureen Lunn’s established garden was a little daunting to this novice gardener, but with the help of landscape designer Claire Kennedy, and a lot of hard work, Maureen transformed it into her own ideal of a dream space.

Arzeena Hamir of Terra Viva Organics, demonstrates some easy and natural ways to deal with common garden pests

Rob Schindel grew up surrounded by nature. When he moved into a Yaletown loft in the heart of Vancouver, he felt stifled by the concrete jungle around him, and set out to create a lavish rooftop garden on top of his building. It’s become a gathering place for the building’s residents, and for the birds and butterflies.

Bring a little piece of nature to your yard by creating a naturalized garden. Native plants have adapted over thousands of years to grow in particular conditions found in their habitat. They are hardy, don’t require pesticides or fertilizers, and generally don’t require much water.

Instructor/Host: Tamara Stanners
Video Language: English