The Gentle Giants

The Ocean Mosaic
S1:Ep252 mins1999Guest: John Stoneman

Millions have been awestruck by the beauty, the intelligence, and the sheer enormity of the whales, our planet’s largest living creatures. Underwater film maker John Stoneman visits some remote locales to study the lives and behaviors of these giants of the deep.

For example, we meet the humpback whale, a gentle, plankton-feeding baleen whale that moves with majestic grace. It converses with its companions, through miles of water, in long and complicated songs that change slowly and subtly over the course of a year. There’s also the strange, cold-loving beluga whale, dubbed the canary of the sea, that chatters and chirps to its companions for hours on end beneath the frigid waters of the far north.

He also takes a look at a cousin of the whales, the curious and fascinating dolphin. We find that some species of dolphin frequently engage in interactions with humans, while others simply like to cavort amongst themselves. All of them are a delight to behold.

Featuring: John Stoneman
Video Language: English