Ghost of the Brotherhood: Britain's Haunted Past

Reality TV: Metaphysics and Paranormal
S1:Ep61 hr, 1 min2007Guest: Martin Jeffreys

We talk with Martin Jeffreys who is a leading paranormal investigator with Fright Nights. He explains many elements of the paranormal including what ghosts are and the nature of orbs. He shares a bit of his investigation process and how he pairs channeled information with history. His most profound experiences are revealed while he explains how a change in human perception is leading to more and more paranormal encounters.

Next we follow along with a team of investigators as they explore the paranormal activity of one of the most notoriously haunted places in York. First, psychics explore the house to discover the nature of the haunting, and then we sit with them in séance where the psychics receive channeled information. This unique documentary will have you re-examine your beliefs like no other.

Featuring: Martin Jeffreys
Video Language: English