The Giant Panda Chows Down

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep624 mins2002

South Asian River Turtles have never bred successfully in Canadian captivity. In Toronto, the keepers know they’re laying eggs, but these eggs are supposed to be buried in the sand, not dropped in the water of their exhibit. If the staff can round up the females and X-ray them, they might just be able to regulate the process. In order to do that, though, they’ll have to contend with the turtles’ testy roommate – a crocodile.

The San Diego Zoo pays more than a million dollars a year to China for the loan of their three Giant Pandas. San Diego keeper Kim lays out a variety of food around the exhibit of Shi Shi, the adult male, but the prize is the carrot she buries under a pile of hay.

The baby camel and her mother Liz are brought down to a new paddock. It’s an important step in teaching the baby to deal with the unfamiliar, one made more difficult by the constant cries and complaints of his mother.

The Giant Panda Chows Down
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