Mystifying geoglyphs, giant pictures covering large areas on the ground, appear across the globe, many created by ancient peoples. They only become recognizable at great distances or are situated away from the common sight of man.

Some remind us that many civilizations held beliefs that dealt with ideas well beyond everyday life, while others concern rituals and legends. Many, because of scale, were obviously not meant for mere humans of Earth to see. Large scale geometric lines and animals are drawn in the sands of the Peruvian Desert. The name of the Cerne Abbas Giant in Dorset, England, is revealed by Clarke.

Originally broadcast in September 1980, Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World brought an innovative approach to exploring natural and supernatural phenomenon. After 13 episodes, the series sadly came to a close. Our team at Gaia diligently pursued the acquisition of Mysterious World in order to save it from obscurity. Gaia is proud to re-present this groundbreaking series and restore the sense of wonder and intrigue that it once brought to our mysterious world.

Instructor/Host: Arthur C. Clarke
Video Language: English