Golfing with Animals

200858 mins

It may seem absurd, but wild animals and plants often thrive in environments that are not in the least bit wild. Even though their habitat may seem tame, the “law of the jungle” still exists and the “survival of the fittest” still rings true.

This fascinating and often hilarious high-definition film will shatter the general perception of what is accepted to be a “wild” habitat. Meet the diverse species that inhabit one of the most artificial of man-made environments: the golf course. Witness how humans and wild animals actually co-exist in peace, and decide for yourselves whose behavior you think is the more peculiar.

Golfing with Animals shows the popular sport in a totally new light. View the game through the eyes of a different type of spectator and watch as the day-to-day activities of wildlife and golfers collide, sometimes to dramatic, but more often to humorous effect. After all, what is a playground for some is a living room for others.